The Children's Initiative

Donate to TCI

Donate to TCI

The Children’s Initiative is completely dependent on the contributions of private individuals such as you.

You can contribute to The Children’s Initiative with the knowledge and confidence that nearly all of the funds go directly to helping children. Everyone working for TCI in the United States does so on a 100% volunteer basis, with local partners on location receiving small stipends. We are dedicated to ensuring that funds are well spent, and that all services, products, or programs are delivered to those who need them. We demand accountability at all levels.

We are incorporated as a non profit 501(c)3 organization, and all contributions to TCI will qualify as charitable donations for tax purposes. You will receive a receipt with all relevant tax information directly from us.

Donate Online

Donate by Check

If you would like to donate by check, please mail directly to:
The Children’s Initiative
15 Chadwick Street
Portland, Maine

Other Ways to Donate

Support can come in many forms. In addition to direct financial support, we have on occasion been designated to receive the proceeds from sales of donors’ personal possessions, the sale of baskets imported from Catdang, and the contribution of goods and services at no charge. In addition, you can:

  • Include TCI in your company’s giving program
  • Spread the good word about TCI and get others interested in our Mission
  • Provide goods and services
  • Volunteer your time
  • Include TCI in your will
  • Purchase Baskets and Lacquerware from The Catdang Basket Project.


What Will Your Donation Support?

We appreciate any amount, but here are some specific costs that may help you determine the size of your donation:

  • Deworming: $1 a year for each Carding Middle School student, for a total of $900 annually.
  • Scholarships: $50 for a middle school student’s fees, uniforms, books, and ancillary costs. Scholarship is given on a needs basis, not achievement. 880 students attend Catdang Middle School.
  • Microlending: $250 provides a loan to a family identified by the commune as having a demonstrated need, a plan for the money, and collateral to put up against a loan. We have a long list of willing participants in this program. When paid back by the family, we will reinvest your donation in the program by lending it to another family, and so on.
  • Summer camp: $1,500 covers the full cost of the program, which includes swimming, speaking, debate competition, and English tutoring.
  • Current one-time needs for the new Kindergartens we are building include:
    • A washing machine: $500
    • Sleeping mats for students: $1,000
    • A new kitchen: $1,200
  • Bikes for children with 4+ mile commute each way: $80 (40 children have this commute)
  • Scholarships for a year’s study: $40, including books, uniforms and fees (120 students grades 7-12)
  • School supplies (this is a TCI school so we must supply all materials, unlike the state run school in Vietnam): $1500 per annum covers books, films, maps, paper, pencils, etc.
  • Librarians’ salaries: two librarians at $2,000 each per year
  • Library supplies:$1,500 covers a year’s worth of art material, books, DVDs, English language resources, projector, and printers.
  • After-school English language classes: $1200 covers the teacher’s salary for a semester; $250 covers a year’s worth of books and videos for the 24 enrolled students.
  • Microlending: $140 per farmer per planting season (20 farmers), with the loan returns reinvested in the program.
  • Direct Giving: $100 to each qualifying household covers dwelling improvements such as stove, latrine, roof, cement floor, indoor plumbing, outdoor shower, or other improvements.
  • Luminaid solar lights: $12.50 per household, up to 250 households.
  • Coffee separator: $800. We have a need for a working bean separator as more farmers, with our assistance, turn to cash crops.
  • $2,500 would cover the purchase and distribution of ten thousand mahogany and other hardwood trees to locally owned land that has been clear cut.
  • Sneakers (through Goodwill): $1,000 would cover 450 pairs.
  • $10 feeds a child for a month.
  • $50 funds our Vita Mamba snack program for a month.
  • $75 outfits a child with a uniform, backpack, and school supplies.
  • $100 provides an annual medical exam for 20 children.
  • $250 buys a year’s school supplies for a classroom.
  • $500 sponsors a child for a year.
  • $1,000 feeds the entire school for a month.
  • $1,500 sponsors our School Garden Project.
  • $2,500 provides uniforms for the year.
  • $5,000 sponsors a Grade for a year.
  • Help us fund a desperately needed three classroom building for approximately $40,000.