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10th of February 2020

Honduras Trip Report – February 2020

From Charlie Miller – February 2020 I’m just home from Honduras, and while things are fresh in my head, I want to post a report. This account will be different from others: I’ll spare you the long narratives, and give you in bullet points what I experienced. But most importantly I will forward to you […]

20th of December 2019

Honduras Trip Report – December 2019

From: Charles Miller December, 2019 My trip to El Rosario, and surrounding communities, presented a number of challenges, as well as a number of interesting opportunities. Below please find an outline of both. I should preface these remarks by noting that upon my arrival “the valley” was in the grip of a dengue fever outbreak […]

30th of April 2019

Haiti Trip Report – April 2019

  Due to the recent political unrest in Haiti, Jeremy and Havard were forced to postpone an earlier scheduled trip, but things finally settled down and Jeremy just returned from a successful visit to Phaeton and our Noah’s Ark school. In spite of significant challenges, the major undertaking of constructing a new 6 classroom building […]

27th of February 2019

Honduras Trip Reports – December 2018 and February 2019

  Two trips were made to Honduras this winter, one in December to help celebrate the second high school graduation from ICSM, the other to welcome new students to the school year starting February 1st. Of course, plenty of challenges presented themselves: political, social, and environmental on each trip. Here are the highlights. SCHOOL In […]

19th of September 2018

Haiti Trip Report – September 2018

  Jeremy just returned from a highly successful trip to Phaeton to launch the Building Project for TCI’s Noah’s Ark School. The initial phase consists of a new 6 classroom building, with new latrines and a dining pavilion to follow. The current facilities are woefully inadequate with two grades in a tent, one in the […]

22nd of June 2018

Haiti Trip Report – April 2018

Havard and Jeremy just returned from a very successful trip to Phaeton to visit our Noah’s Ark School. We have a steady attendance of 82 kids daily, and we expect the student body to grow to over 90 next fall. The school is functioning well, our teachers are dedicated to their jobs, and the community […]

21st of December 2017

Honduras Trip Report – November 2017

This trip had many purposes, among which were to: Witness the the first 12th grade graduation from ICSM and the fourth 9th grade graduation Attend the provincial wide SAT graduation in Yoro, in which we were participants Gauge the success of our new food delivery service to the poorest students Monitor the direct giving project […]

7th of December 2017

Haiti Trip Report – November 2017

Havard and Jeremy’s most recent trip to Phaeton is best characterized as one of affirmation: The commitment of the community to our Noah’s Ark school is growing. Our teachers are doing a good job. The 82 children now attending Noah’s Ark are getting healthier and thriving at school. Pictures of kids today compared to those […]

2nd of October 2017

Vietnam Report – Fall 2017

TCI has been working in Catdang, Vietnam since 1991, in one iteration or another. We started out by running electricity to a cluster of very poor villages, building water tanks, providing water filters and piping clean water, and a host of other community improvements. Since we officially became TCI twelve years ago we have worked […]

25th of September 2017

Honduras Trip Report – September 2017

It’s hard to fathom the change that has taken place over the past six years in El Rosario – not only in the school we built, but in the community it serves. At present we have 110 students, 18 of whom will graduate from our first class this November. The teaching is generally excellent; we’re […]

7th of May 2017


In April, Havard and Jeremy traveled to Phaeton, Haiti to visit our school, review our progress, and set the direction for the next several months and beyond. We were met by Elmond and stayed, as ususal, with Rosie and Fred in the village. We met with teachers and administrators, all the Noah’s Ark students and […]

26th of October 2016

Haiti Trip Report – October 2016

My recent visit to Phaeton was very productive, with Hurricane Matthew only arriving after all our work was done. I travelled with Alan Jerffery and Michael Ippoliti, both engineers from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Alan, who is spearheading the Medical Mission scheduled for the week of November 12th, was there to plan for the Mission, and Mike […]


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