The Children's Initiative

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Give Well and Do the Most Good

We believe that all lives matter and that the life of a child in third world poverty has the same value as the life of a child in a wealthy nation. For this reason, we believe we can have the biggest impact for dollar spent by investing in the developing world.

Be Community-Led

We believe our partners on the ground in Vietnam, Honduras, and Haiti, know what they need better than we do. We listen to parents, village leaders, and local stakeholders. We understand their priorities and build deep, long-lasting relationships to meet their pressing, and long-term needs.

Leverage Our Resources

TCI has no paid staff other than in-country directors, and about 92% of all gifts go directly into programs and projects. When we solicit money, we know exactly how it is to be spent to the best advantage, and we monitor it carefully. We value efficiency, accountability, and resourcefulness.

Employ a Holistic Approach

We recognize that children cannot prosper if they and their parents are malnourished, have no reliable source of clean water, receive no basic medical care, and live in unsanitary conditions. We serve as a catalyst for change in addressing overall community needs that contribute to long-term health and prosperity.

Partner for Impact

We believe we achieve more when we work with others. To this end, we have partnered with organizations and individuals to increase our scope and reach. We have found that TCI encourages other organizations and individuals to invest in ways that mirror, or enhance our work.

Aim for Sustainability

Our efforts should have the ultimate goal of helping these communities become self-sufficient. This can be achieved by improving the living conditions and local economies, establishing the local infrastructure for self-determination, and by partnering with like-minded organizations and young people who make ongoing commitments to our mission.